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The most fun you can have with your seat belt on! Wednesday, 03 September 2014
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2008 Australian Hillclimb Championship


A brand new web site for the Victorian Hillclimb Championship http://vichillclimb.com.au/ 


Well the Australian Hillclimb Championship kicks off today at the new Haunted Hills complex near Moe in Gipsland. Lets hope that the event is as fantastic as some of the "Practice Meets" leading up to the event. Hillclimb racing wishes all competitors an enjoyable event. (and as I am down with the flue, I can not be there).

LIVE TIMMING!!! at the 2009 AHC http://www.gippslandcarclub.com.au/ahcc.html

As a point of interest the South Australian Hillclimb championship (From the location of next years Australian Championship) and we have a report thanks to Daryl Warman.

The 2009 SA Hillclimb Championships were a great success with Peter Gumley again lowering the outright record to 28.95 secs and carrying off the Peter Lehmann Wines $1000.00 in the process. Peter further reduced the fastest time up the Hill to 28.67 in the shootout.
Another rip roaring success was the top ten shootout - held at the close of the competition between the top five tin tops and the top five open cars. Using a system that awarded the greatest improvement in times over the event the winners in open cars was Greg Ackland in his Ninja and in tin tops our own Douglas Lehmann, each receiving an award of $ 500.00 from Peter Brunthaler of ULX110 Oils.
The SA Hillclimb Championship for another year is Peter Gumley, 2nd was Brett Hayward from Victoria and 3rd place went to our own Andy Mitchell now flying in a much straighter line with his new "ground effects" Shrike - the search for perfection goes on.
In the tin tops there was much fierce competition - Kevin Mackrell's 6 litre, four wheel drive Datsun 240 Z was a crowd thriller as ever and recorded a lowest time of 32.60 secs finishing 8th outright. Hot competition was to be found in the turbo charged awd rice burners the best performance of the weekend went to Tristan Catford who achieved 34.08 in his Evo and won a place in the Tin tops shootout. “Chairman” Doug Lehmann narrowly scraped in the Rally Car Section with a 32.81 from hard charging John Beasley and Sean Day the leading Subaru driver. There were a good collection of the venerable HQ Holden’s and leader of the pack at the end of the day was Graham Mason with a 39.64 secs.
Notable performances during the weekend came from record breakers:
Group 6 Peter Brunnthaler – Oscar = 32.58
Production Sports Cars Marque Le Maistre – Mazda = 41.25
Sports Cars open to 1300cc Andrew Mc Laren – Bulant = 34.41
Group Sb Troy Ryan - Sprite = 36.91
Group Vb Frank Chessell - Stag = 41.45
Formula Libre to 1300cc Greg Ackland - Ninja = 30.48
Formula Libre 1301-2000cc Brett Hayward - Hayward 09 = 29.69
Formula Libre 3001 – 5000cc Peter Gumley - Wortmeyer SCV = 28.95
One man who amazed the crowd and scared himself was Ian Motley and his Noddy style Austin 7 who mounted the hill in 43.65 secs – his fastest time ever. Fair caused his tail light to blink.
First Lady of the Hill was Sarah Pfieffer who not only registered fast female competitors time also registered a personal best. All of this after arranging the transport of two racing cars, two young boys and some really delicious slice and cupcakes to Collingrove. What a woman! Melissa Ford also registered a personal best in her Mallock U2 and also had successive runs with precisely the same time. Melissa was forced to share the Mallock with father Andy after he broke the clutch in the Reynard during an early run on Saturday.
The Committee and Motor Sport Volunteers worked hard and ceaselessly to promote and execute this icon event, which ran faultless apart from a Gremlin that found its way into the Timing system on Sunday. All concerned deserve congratulations for contributing toward the success of this event. The experience and knowledge gained will be valuable as we plan to host the Australian Hillclimb Championships at Collingrove during October 2010.
The balance of the Hillclimb season still to come includes:
Atujara Motor Cycle Club Hillclimb – Sunday 25 October 2009
Winter Cup 3 Hillclimb - Sunday 15 November 2009
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